Books, Camera, Ubu - Camden Art Centre

Franciszka and Stefan Themerson were partners and creative collaborators from 1929 until their deaths in 1988.

Their art spanned painting, photography, film, theatre, literature, concrete poetry, book design, and satirical drawing. Driven by a dedication to defy convention and disregard boundaries between disciplines, their eclectic practice was distinguished by constant reinvention and technical experiment in every field.

Books, Camera, Ubu focused on three main areas of their creative oeuvre: their influential experimental film work; their books and independent publishing house, Gaberbocchus Press; and Franciszka’s stage design, puppets and a comic strip, all based on Alfred Jarry’s anarchic play, Ubu Roi.

This exhibition was organised in collaboration with Jasia Reichardt and Nick Wadley, who have maintained the Themerson Archive, now in the National Library in Warsaw.

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